рика инверс вредная и ленивая
васисуалий лоханкин в поисках варвары

On October 2nd, actress Naka Riisa (22) attended “Resident~5nin no Kenshui” (TBS/Oct 18th/9PM) press conference in Yokohama.

NEWS’ Masuda Takahisa (26), Hayashi Kento (21), Omasa Aya (21) and Ishibashi Anna (20) are also part of the cast, playing doctors who train in emergency field of medicine. Production based the drama on genuine research from relationships between physicians “Doctors rarely have the opportunity to meet with opposite sex people outside work”.

“But this time you have 2 good looking guys”, Masuda said promoting both male actors, to which Naka-san replied with a cold “Ehhh?”. Apparently she couldn’t care less about idol’s appearance ©


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