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Riisa will have a new series in Nylon magazine called “Riisa meets creator”! She’s also appearing on the fashion page in the issue that came out on 4/28.

There’s also a variety schedule update for 5/2.

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Gokuaku Ganbo

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новая дорама!
the Spring 2014 drama "Gokuaku Ganbo" which begins its run from April.

The drama which is based on the comic by Tajima Takashi and Kochi Takahiro who are known for their works such as "Kabachitare!", will be set in a fictitious town named Kanekure (sounds the same as give me money in Japanese) located in Hiroshima Prefecture, where the male lead character Kanzaki Mamoru will be changed to a woman named Kanzaki Kaoru for Ono's sake. The word "ganbo" in the title means gangster in the Hiroshima dialect.


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рииса на премьере mole's song в TOKYO DOME CITY HALL,сегодня:

ещё милоты и ножек
и из её иг:

у меня лицо как на аватаре

апд: Completion Announcement for “Mogura no Uta senyuu sosakan REIJI”

Last Jan 21st, Ikuta Toma attended the completion announcement for his upcoming movie, “Mogura no Uta senyuu sosakan REIJI” in Tokyo Dome City Hall. Also in attendance, are: Yamada Takayuki, Kamiji Yuusuke, Shinichi Tsutsumi, Osugi Ren, and Iwaki Koichi among others. Actress Naka Riisa, who have given birth last October, is also present as her first public appearance after giving birth.

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в подтверждение новости — из блога риисы:
о замужестве
апд: перевод и ожидаемое известие: Riisa gave birth to a baby boy on the 4th of October. He is pretty small with just 2650g, but he is a genki baby! (ц)

We have decided to get married.
We met four years ago, and we became very good friends, there was a mutual respect for each other, we are sure that we can build a happy family, so we decided to get married.
Our password is BIG LOVE.
We will walk life with this important word.
Although we're still immature, we will give our best, please watch over us warmly
and from here on, please guide us.
Nakao Akiyoshi Naka Riisa
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The Mole Song: Undercover Agent Reiji

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Full trailer for Takashi Miike’s “The Mole Song: Undercover Agent Reiji” (Mogura no Uta, out Feb 15, 2014):

Rookie Reiji Kikukawa graduated with the lowest score in police academy history. One day, Reiji is called in to see the Chief of Police, Sakami, who summarily fires him, or so it appears. In reality, he is secretly ordered to infiltrate a crime syndicate and arrest the big boss Shuho Todoroki, head of Sukiyakai, the largest Yakuza clan in the Kanto area. Reiji manages to become the new favorite of Masaya Hiura, the leader of the Akogi gang, allied with Sukiya-kai. Internal power struggles within Sukiya-kai and conflicts with its arch-rival Hachinosu-kai, which aims to take over Japan, embroil Reiji in one surreal, crazy situation after another. Director’s Statement It is a great honor to screen my film at the Rome Film Festival for the second year in a row. I’ve gone all out with “guts and shouts” to stimulate Roman audiences and show them a good time. This film is for audiences seeking excitement, laughter and pain. It’s full of cinematic themes like love, parting, betrayal, friendship and a good laugh. With some guts thrown in - just a bit. Tough Romans, enjoy it with all your hearts.

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narration job!

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у риисы новая роль у такаши миике: источник

выглядит как ожившая эротическая фантазия,бгг

апд: Mogura no Uta/Mole’s song Casts:

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Naka Riisa makes her first public appearance after marriage announcement

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On March 30th, actress Naka Riisa attended the fashion event, ‘Zipper 20th LAFORET PARTY‘. This marked her first public appearance after announcing that she would be getting married to actor Nakao Akiyoshi.

Naka, who is currently 3 months pregnant, appeared at the event in a red outfit and walked the runway. She answered with a smile when the audience called out, “Congratulations on your marriage!”
After walking the runway, Naka participated in a talk show with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and IMALU. The ladies had a good time talking about fashion.

The event was held to commemorate the 20th anniversary of women’s fashion magazine, ‘Zipper‘. Other guests included PUFFY and Tenpagumi. inc ©
30 марта, актриса Нака Рииса приняла участие в модной передаче "Zipper 20th LAFORET PARTY". Это стало ее первым публичным появлением после объявления о браке.
Нака находится в настоящее время на 3-ем месяце беременности, она появилась на мероприятии в красной одежде и прошлась по подиуму

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21.03.2013 в 16:39
Пишет Miso:

Рииса Нака выходит замуж и ожидает появления ребенка осенью

Ссылаясь на факсовое сообщение от Риисы Наки и актера Акиёси Накао, агентство девушки сообщило о предстоящем бракосочетании пары и появлении у них первинца в сентябре.

В сообщении упоминается, что пара впервые встретилась в 2009 году на съемках фильма «Toki wo kakeru shoujo» («Девочка, покорившая время») и работала вместе в сериале канала NHK - «Tsurugame Jousanin». Они начали встречаться после окончания съемок сериала в прошлом октябре, хотя к тому моменту были знакомы уже четыре года и общались как хорошие друзья.

Рииса Нака и Акиёси Накао верят, что смогут создать счастливую семью. На текущий момент они не проживают вместе; планы о проведении церемонии пока в процессе обсуждения. Нака хотела бы вернуться к работе в возможно короткие сроки после рождения ребенка, однако все будет зависит от состояния ее здоровья.


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Zipper20周年記念Special Partyをラフォーレ原宿で開催! きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ、PUFFY、&#20

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仲里依紗【Talk・Fashion Show】

■STAGE 3 16:00~

FASHION SHOW 2(仲里依紗、パチパチズ;)

TALK SHOW 3(IMALU×きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ×仲里依紗;)

Live(でんぱ組.inc) ©

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«Riisa Naka, a Japanese actress, spent the week with the crew from Marc Jacobs Japan, including its chief officer Shin Kitsuda, second from right, and the company’s public relations person, Martin Webb.

It was Ms. Naka’s first time, and through a translator, she said, “It’s very fabulous.” (c)»

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новости по Lucky Seven

Naka Riisa
Компания Fuji TV собирается снять дополнительный эпизод дорамы «Счастливая семерка» («Lucky Seven»), которая вышла в прокат в начале этого года. Предположительно новые серии появятся на экранах весной 2013 года.
«Счастливая семерка» - достаточно удачная дорама со средним рейтингом 15,6%, что является весьма серьезным показателем

на англ

и в тему — две съёмки для журналов в образе аски:

TV Station June 2011 и TVnavi

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17.11.2012 в 14:36
Пишет Ylisa:

Нака Рииса нашла замену Тоданобу Асано

На этой неделе «FRIDAY» сообщил о новом романе Нака Риисы. Актриса обедала в ресторане с актером Накао Акийоши. После он по-хозяйски расположился в ее машине и вместе они направились в ее квартиру, где провели ночь вместе. Издание полагает, что из теплых и дружеских отношения стали страстными и горячими благодаря южному острову Окинава, где молодые люди вместе снимались в дораме "Tsurukame Josanin" целых три месяца.
Как раз перед началом съемок в августе, в июле Накао объявил о разрыве со своей подругой, но Нака подождала до октября, чтобы порвать с Тоданобу Асано.

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Actress Naka Riisa revealed at the press conference for her upcoming drama ‘Resident ~ 5-nin no Kenshui‘ (TBS) that she decided to cut her hair instead of wearing a wig. She’s one of many actresses who recently decided to go for a short hairstyle.

The press conference was held at the TBS studio in Kanagawa on October 2. The drama focuses on the problems of five medical interns played by Naka, Hayashi Kento, Masuda Takahisa, Omasa Aya, and Ishibashi Anna.

In order to portray her character more convincingly, Naka decided to shorten her long hair by no less than 30cm (~11″;). She revealed, “The staff was coming up with ideas that could avoid me having to cut my hair, but none of them were convincing enough for me.”

With the blue uniform and the fresh new hair cut, Naka truly looks like a young doctor. She commented, “Every day we are filming, I always realize how important it is to value people’s lives and your comrades.” However, she seems to be much more carefree and blunt on set than her character would make us believe.

Furuta Arata expressed, “The one that doesn’t seem like a doctor among those who play medical interns? That’s Riisa for sure. She always seems to be having fun.” Ozawa Yukiyoshi added, “Riisa is always dancing around…”

Despite being such a bright and positive person herself, she named Masuda as the mood maker among the five young actors, who commented, “We’ll work hard in order to make this our personal masterpiece.” Hayashi explained, “Everyone is so cheerful that even some who are fearful of strangers like me have no problems connecting with the others. It’s a really great group of five we got here.”

Omasa stated, “I hope you can see me develop as a medical intern,” and Ishibashi added, “I checked all of the medical terms on my PC, and I already feel like I’m a real medical intern myself.”

The rest of the supporting cast includes Sudo Risa, Arakawa Yoshiyoshi, Mitsuura Yasuko, Minagawa Sarutoki, and Terajima Susumu.

The first episode of ‘Resident ~ 5-nin no Kenshui’ is scheduled to air on October 18.

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18 октября: «Sharehouse» - Naka Riisa with Jun and Aiba.

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Resident ~ 5-nin no Kenshui

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Riisa as lead actress for next season's TBS Thurs 9pm drama titled レジデント~5人の研修医
She will be acting as a medical intern.
Co-stars Oomasa Aya, NEWS’s Massu and Hayashi Kento©

On August 17th, it was announced that actress Naka Risa will be starring in the new TBS drama called ‘Resident ~ 5-nin no Kenshui‘ for the upcoming fall season.

Naka already starred in the late-night drama ‘Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo‘ (2010, NTV) and is going to star in a 10:00 pm drama called ‘Tsurukame Josanin‘ (NHK), which will start airing on August 28th, but ‘Resident’ is going to be her first starring role in a golden time (7~10 pm) drama.

The story revolves around a group of new medical interns at the emergency and critical care center of a university hospital. ‘Miyama Shizuku’ (Naka) is one of them and medical care seems to run in her blood, as both of her parents are private clinicians. However, at the hospital she soon realizes that reality is far different from her own ideals of “facing each patient with the utmost sincerity and benevolence”, as Naka described her character.

As the title suggests, the group consists of five new medical interns and the remaining four are played by Hayashi Kento, NEWS‘ Masuda Takahisa, Omasa Aya, and Ishibashi Anna.

Naka commented, “We’re all from the same generation and I’m looking forward to work together with them. It probably won’t be quiet at the set.”

The doctors who will guide the new medical interns are going to be portrayed by Ozawa Yukiyoshi, Furuta Arata, and Sudo Risa.
‘Resident ~ 5-nin no Kenshui’ is scheduled to air on TBS every Thursday at 9:00 pm, starting sometime in October.
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On August 1, actress Naka Riisa (22) appeared at a press conference at the NHK building in Shibuya, Tokyo for her new drama “Tsurukame Josanin ~ Minami no Shima kara ~” (begins airing August 28, Tuesdays 10 PM).

The drama tells the story of a Tokyoite beautician who grows as a person after giving birth in the southern islands. Regarding her role as a mother, Naka commented, “I thought that young children would be annoying when they cried, but now, I think they are cute. However, I still feel uneasy when I think about how hard it is to give a birth.” ©

04.08.2012 в 08:54
Пишет Ylisa:

Нака Рииса станет матерью на экране

1 августа Нака Рииса появилась на пресс-конференции новой дорамы «Tsurukame Josanin ~ Minami no Shima kara ~», которая состоялась в здании NHK в Минато, Токио Актрисе впервые досталась роль матери. «Я всегда думала, что маленькие дети раздражают, когда кричат, но теперь мне кажется они милые. Но я по-прежнему чувствую себя неловко, когда думаю о том, как тяжело рожать». Нака играет девушку, уроженку Токио, которая, как личность совершенствуется после того как принимает решение родить ребенка на островах Окинавы. История о двух женщинах встретившихся случайно. Героиня Наки ищет своего возлюбленного (Мизобата Джумпей), внезапно исчезнувшего из ее жизни и приезжает на острова, в то время как акушерка Тсурура Камеко, уставшая от жизни в Токио, от менталитета легкомысленных девушек, рассматривающих аборт как легкое и разумное решение, внезапно выигрывает крупную сумму в лотерею и решается на путешествие по миру. Однако путешествие оканчивается на островах, где женщина решает создать идеальный родильный дом. Дорама о противостоянии в представлениях о жизни разных поколений.


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Tsurukame Josanin

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 女優の仲里依紗(22)が1日、東京・渋谷のNHK放送センターで主演ドラマ『つるかめ助産院~南の島から~』(8月28日スタート、毎週火曜 後10:00)の会見に出席。主演映画『ハラがコレなんで』(2011年;)に続いて、2度目の妊婦役を演じた仲は、出産の大変さを知るにつれ、「不安になりました。怖くもなりました」。芸能界はベビーブームでも、仲にとってはまだまだ先のよう。それでも、「このドラマを撮り終えてから、街中で見かける子供を可愛いなって思うようになった。お母さんも大丈夫かなって気にかけるようになりました」と心境に変化があったことを明かした。
+++ ©

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рииса с nakao akiyoshi (из Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo и Tsurukame Josanin ~ Minami no Shima kara) и kyari pamyu pamyu:

新着 2012.7.31

7月31日(火;)放送の『キャサリン』(フジテレビ系 後11・00)は、MCのきゃりーぱみゅぱみゅが仲里依紗、中尾明慶を迎え新企画「キャサリンズイメージ」を実施。きゃりーが仲に抱いているイメージを基に、仲のことはよく知っているという中尾の協力を得ながら“イメージ”と“素顔”のギャップを埋めていき、仲のリアルな姿を明らかにしていく。

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naka riisa & “brave hearts: umizaru” cast members at private early screening

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On June 19th, a completion and screening ceremony of “BRAVE HEARTS Umizaru” (directed by Hasumi Eiichiro, release on July 13), the newest sequel to the popular “Umizaru” series, was held at the Tokyo International Forum. Eight cast members including Ito Hideaki (36), the star of the series, appeared at the screening.

The film is the 4th sequel to the series; the 2nd sequel, released in 2006, and the 3rd sequel, released in 2010, were both popular hits that had the highest earnings for live-action Japanese movies in their respective release years. When Ito and the other cast members appeared at the ceremony, approximately 4,000 people in attendance gave them a loud and warm welcoming

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